Saturn Class – Attendance Trophy Winners

By Louise Davis | July 2, 2021

Year 6 – Saturn Class have the highest attendance for this week 28th June with 100%, therefore will keep the attendance trophy next week. Can they be beaten?

First Blue Merit Badge Awarded

By Marilyn Jones | June 23, 2021

‘Olivia of Flora class achieved a massive milestone yesterday when she became the first person ever in the history of Fairfields School to receive her blue merit badge. All children at Fairfields  have many opportunities to collect effort marks, Learning Power Pals tokens and merits for going above and beyond in all aspects of their…

Y3 Olympic Games

By Marilyn Jones | June 11, 2021

Before half term, the Year 3 children worked really hard to organise and take part in their own Olympic Games. The children were split into 3 committees and spent the week planning. The sports committee organised the events and equipment, the art committee designed and made the medals and the entertainment committee organised the opening…

School Allotment Fundraising

By Marilyn Jones | June 8, 2021

We are very proud of  our budding entrepreneurs.  They were super excited and very proud of their Day 1 fundraising accomplishment.  Thank you for your donations.  

On Thursday 27th May, the Tudors came to Y5

By Marilyn Jones | June 7, 2021

As part of the experience day, Mercury Class took part in a full day of Tudor based activities including portrait painting, food tasting, Tudor games and Shakspearian insults! Some of the costumes the children came dressed in were fantastic and really bought the day alive! As you can see from the pictures below – the…

Watling Academy Farewell Visit to Year 5 & Year 6

By Marilyn Jones | May 27, 2021

On Tuesday 25h May, children from the student council at Watling Academy visited our year 5 and 6 children to say thank you.   As you know, Watling Academy have been sharing our school site for this academic year and this week marks their final few days with us here at Fairfields.   The year 7 children…

Caldecotte Experience

By Marilyn Jones | May 12, 2021

“This is the best day ever!” Year 3 had an amazing day at the Caldecotte Xperience. All of the children showed determination, cooperation and bravery as they took part in rock climbing, canoeing, sailing and archery.  

Year 3 Greek Day

By Marilyn Jones | April 30, 2021

Year 3 had a fantastic Greek Day on Monday 19th April. The children came into school in amazing Greek costumes and we tasted delicious food such as olives, feta and tzatziki. We had a go at writing in the Greek alphabet, making laurel wreaths and using paper mache to make our own Greek vases. We even…

A Day in the Life of an Archaeologist

By Marilyn Jones | April 20, 2021

To engage children in year 1 into their new topic, ‘Did Dinosaurs really exist?’ we experienced a day in the life of an archaeologist! The children received a letter from the Fairfields Builders asking for our help, as they had come across some bones while digging and Apollo and Luna were excited to investigate! We…

Medical Centre Art Competition Winners

By Marilyn Jones | October 20, 2020

  ‘Primary school children create artwork to display in brand new Milton Keynes medical centre’   Children from Fairfields Primary School and Whitehouse School submitted their best work, with one winner and two runners up selected from each school.