Fairfields Admissions 

Applying for a place at Fairfields Primary School for your child?

Fairfields Primary School opened in September 2017 with Years R – 3, Year 4 opened in September 2018, Year 5 in September 2019 and Year 6 opened in September 2020.

Fairfields Primary School is a brand new purpose built school in the heart of the rapidly growing Fairfields development, part of the West Expansion Area, on the outskirts of Milton Keynes. The school is dedicated to serving the development of Fairfields and the admission criteria has been set to ensure places are protected for children living on the Fairfields development.

The Fairfields Primary School Admissions Policy reflects that of the Local Education Authority (Milton Keynes Council) and meet all requirements of the national Schools Admissions Code, Appeals Code and admissions legislation.

Admissions Criteria


Reception places are allocated by Milton Keynes Council (MKC).  We have allocated our published admissions number (see relevant admission criteria below) and accepted additional local children. If you are moving into our catchment area of Fairfields, please click on the link below to enquire about applying for an in year place at the school.

Other Year Groups

Key Stage 1 and 2 places are allocated by MKC.

Consideration for 'in year admission' applications is for any child already in school and looking to move to Fairfields Primary School (see relevant admission criteria below).

Information regarding the school’s admissions criteria for each year is available to download below.

Admissions appeals for places in Reception in September 2024

  • Following National Offer Day on Tuesday, 16th April 2024, if you named Fairfields Primary School as one of your preferences and were unsuccessful, you have a right to appeal against the decision to an independent appeal panel.
  • Please email enquiries@fairfieldsprimary.co.uk to request an appeal form.
  • Our Admission Appeals Timeline for pupils starting in Reception in September 2024 provides further information.

To apply for a place at Fairfields Primary School, please visit: