Welcome from Year R

Reception year will build on any experiences within nursery settings (Fairfields or other).  During this year, there is time allocated for direct teaching – short sessions of phonics, literacy, maths and some topic.  Children will learn to read and write with the ‘Read Write Inc.’ phonics approach.

In addition to this, each day the children will have access to indoor and outdoor provision.  Here, there are areas to support their development through play in each of the 7 EYFS areas of learning.  Similar to the nursery approach, during this time, the children will experience an area they are interested in and their learning moved on through ‘in the moment’ opportunities in a practical and hands on, child led approach.

Each week we discuss with the children what they enjoy and what would interest them; adapting the areas to suit the learning experiences the children have shown some enthusiasm for. We will be planning these experiences around topics, but it is important that the children know they are able to select any resources within the provision to use at any time.

In addition to this, we plan the classroom and outdoor environment around the characteristics of learning.  These underpin everything we do with the children, to ensure we allow the children to be themselves while staying happy and healthy within our school.