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Welcome to Year 4

Miss Kirchin
Miss Kirchin - Mars Class Teacher
Sophie Smith
Miss Smith - Pax Class Teacher
Miss Barnes
Miss Barnes - Mars Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Year 4 

In Year 4 we continue to work on building the children’s confidence, resilience and curiosity throughout all subjects, through our ‘Imaginative Learning Projects’. These ILPs change every half term with an exciting ‘Engage’ day, to hook the children into their new learning and ignite their curiosity. We then develop our learning throughout the half term, embedding new knowledge that will be exhibited during the ‘Express’ stage of the project. This journey ensures the children access a broad and balanced curriculum, full of wonderful learning opportunities to allow personal growth and develop a sense of responsibility for their learning.  

In Maths, we continue to use concrete, pictorial and abstract representations to ensure a deep understanding of each aspect covered throughout the year. In June, Year 4 will take part in a ‘Multiplication Tables Check’. Over the course of the year leading up to this, we will have ensured everything possible has been done to guarantee your child feels confident and resilient to face this challenge. During our English lessons, we continue to inspire each other’s learning through discussion, sharing ideas and constantly striving to reflect and improve our writing, creating work that we are proud of. 

We believe that Mars & Pax are fun, safe and happy environments to be in, which inspires the children to be independent, reflective learners. We are dedicated to ensuring each child receives the support and encouragement they need to not only reach their potential, but to challenge themselves every day!