Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 

We have high aspirations for all our children and provide them with an encouraging, safe and supportive learning environment so that they thrive and grow. We celebrate each other’s achievements and develop a sense of team spirit within the class.  

Whilst moving into Key Stage 2 can seem daunting, we strive to provide nurturing relationships, engaging experiences and support with their individual learning to allow for a smooth transition from Year 2. We are a committed team that care deeply about the children’s learning as well as their well-being.  

In English, we explore a range of genres that are closely linked to our Imaginative Learning Projects. We embed our grammar skills throughout a writing and are always keen to challenge ourselves. Guided reading takes place daily whilst spelling and handwriting are targeted throughout the week in both class and small group sessions.   

In maths, we allow the children to explore their new learning with concrete or pictorial resources before providing them will opportunities to embed abstract concepts. Their learning is deepened through ‘chilli challenges’ where the children can choose how far they want to stretch themselves. We also have a focus on timetables to provide a strong foundation of knowledge in preparation for the Year 4 ‘Multiplication Tables Check’.  

In the afternoons, our Imaginative Learning Projects allow the children to explore their learning and develop skills such as curiosity, cooperation and resilience. We pride ourselves on making our lessons fun, memorable and engaging so that the children can absorb the information and look back on these exciting experiences in years to come.