Welcome to Year 6

In year 6 we build upon the excellent learning and experiences the children have had in the school so far. Our topics have been selected to engage and challenge and, through structured project work, the children will develop their independence and self-direction. As well as topic work, we will be developing the skills necessary for success in the SATs test in May. 

We have daily English lessons that focus on building writing skills through an innovative talk based approach that helps the children to unpick texts and then inspires them to create high quality pieces independently. The children will be taught weekly grammar and spellings lessons, with spelling tests, as well as reading skills where we break down and focus on specific question types to develop comprehension skills. 

In maths, we continue to use concrete, pictorial and abstract representations to ensure a deep understanding of each aspect covered throughout the year. The children will have an additional fluency session to consolidate previous skills and develop best test practice. 

We will conduct two mock SAT tests over the year in order to allow the children to experience test situations, get them used to it and show them that it is nothing to be afraid of. 

Our final term will look forwards towards the next stage of their educational life with activities based around transition to secondary school whilst also looking back and celebrating their journey through Fairfields Primary School.