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Welcome to Year 1

Laura Murray
Miss Murray - Luna Class Teacher
Mrs Last
Mrs Last -  Apollo Class Teacher
Miss Bixby
Miss Bixby - Post Graduate  Trainee Teacher

Welcome to Year 1

In Year 1, we are continuing to strive on making sure that we continue the best practice in Early Years. We do this by trying to approach all learning in a practical way, through the use of concrete and physical resources. In the morning we have a guided reading lesson, a writing lesson and a maths lesson. In guided reading, we work in small groups to read a story matched to our reading level. We then spend time talking about the story and answering questions about what has happened so far giving the children the chance to demonstrate their understanding of what they have read.

In Writing our learning is broken down into three learning chunks. In the first learning chunk the children are given a feature to use in the writing e.g. adjectives. They would then spend time as a class generating ideas and writing down their ideas. In the second learning chunk we spend time showing the children how to put their fabulous ideas into a sentence. In the third learning chunk the children then write their ideas in the sentence and they then spend time challenging themselves by using additional features.

In Maths, we follow a mastery curriculum. This means that every lesson is made up of concrete and pictorial phases. In the concrete part of the lesson children spend time exploring the concrete maths resources. Once the children have mastered this they then move on to looking at maths through the use of pictures, when the children are secure with this. They will then move onto to looking at the concept in a more abstract way. Children they have opportunities to extend themselves through chilli challenges; 'mild', 'hot' and 'spicy'.

In the afternoons, we cover all other curriculum areas through a chosen topic. The topics are chosen based on what will appeal to the children. The topic begins with a memorable experience to 'hook' the children into their learning. The children then cover a variety of curriculum objectives in an engaging and practical way.