Welcome to Year 2

Miss Wilson  -  Neptune Teacher
FMKCCW21 (27)
Miss Bonsu -  Teaching Assistant 
FMKCCW21 (110)
Miss Chaplin  -  Undergraduate Trainee Teacher
FMKCCW21 (94)
Miss Murray  -  Vulcan Teacher
FMKCCW21 (17)
Miss Tagg  -  Undergraduate Trainee Teacher
Mrs Sophie Last  -  Tellus Teacher
FMKCCW21 (38)
Mr Kane- Postgraduate Trainee Teacher- Year 1 & 2

Welcome to Year Two 

Year Two at Fairfields is designed to build on your child’s developing skills of independence and curiosity, which will have been nurtured during their journey from Nursery, through to Year One. We strongly believe in the value of learning through play at all ages and this is reflected in how we design our curriculum in Key Stage One.  

During this year, the children will have daily sessions of English, Maths, phonics and ‘Book Talk.’ They will also have sessions in the day which focus on our ‘Imaginative Learning Projects.’ This is a themed based approach to the curriculum and will teach the children the skills and knowledge from the national curriculum for foundation subjects. This includes history, geography, science, art and design and technology.  The children will continue to experience opportunities to learn through play every day through our continuous provision, although their day will begin to look and feel more structured as they move from Year One to Year Two. The teachers carefully plan these invitations to play, which allow the children to apply and practise the skills they have been taught in direct teaching time. Through this approach we create independent, curious, collaborative and resilient learners, with a real love to learn! In addition to this the children are taught high quality PE by our own sports coach and music by Milton Keynes Music Service. We also have weekly sessions of Religious Education (RE) and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) 

In May, the Year 2 children will take part in their SATS in reading, maths and spelling. Although this may seem daunting to some adults and children, at Fairfields we strive to ensure that your child feels confident and resilient enough to face these ‘challenges’ and we aim to do this in such a way that your child will hardly know they have done them.  

We have an open door policy and strongly believe in the value in working in partnership with you. If you have any concerns or queries, please speak to your child’s teacher in the first instance