Our Ethos

We aim to create an ethos where:

  • A welcoming atmosphere is created in school, where children, staff, parents and visitors feel valued.
  • Our children are happy, feel safe and supported and enjoy coming to school.
  • Our children demonstrate good manners and show consideration to and for others.
  • Our children are keen, enthusiastic and totally engaged in their learning.
  • There is a growth mind-set. We stay positive, we value learning form mistakes and we keep going when things become tough.
  • Our children are reflective and thoughtful about their experiences.
  • Our children are motivated and have the confidence to challenge themselves as learners.
  • Our school environment supports children’s learning and values their achievements.
  • Teaching is creative, exciting and stimulates and extends children’s thinking.
  • Our children have a genuine pride in themselves, their efforts and achievements. Talents and creativity are nurtured and encouraged.
  • Our staff are committed professionals who demonstrate a love of teaching, a passion for their own, as well as children’s learning and development, and genuine care for the children they teach.
  • We have high expectations for all within our community to ensure that we demonstrate the very best standards of conduct, moral purpose and integrity.

Our Motto

Achieve together, Step by step!


Our vision is for Fairfields to become the ‘beating heart of our community’, changing and adapting as our extended family grows; transforming individual dreams and aspirations into collaborative goals as we journey together toward excellence.

Our creed (common ethos) and shared values underpin everything that we do. It is the means by which our school achieves its objective of educating children in the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need in order to lead fulfilling lives.

We will value the way in which children are unique, celebrating diversity and valuing the importance of each person within our community. We will respect others regardless of ability, gender, ethnicity or religion. We will provide a happy, caring, supportive and positive learning community where each child can develop and extend their potential and achieve success.

Our commitment to all is that children will receive an education through a bespoke curriculum that is innovative, creative and stimulating and will provide children with the layers and building blocks to allow them to succeed in life and be the best that they can be.


Our core values are fundamental to our behaviours and attitudes towards learning  in conjunction with our creed.  We encourage our children to be ambitious, resilient, courageous, independent, confident, inquisitive, proud, honest, humble, respectful, united and have a sense of belonging.

Our values form the foundations of all that we do. We will value:

  • the way in which all children are unique, and promote respect for the views of each individual child, as well as for people of all cultures.
  • the spiritual and moral development of each person, as well as their intellectual and physical growth and wellbeing.
  • the importance of each person in our community promoting co-operation and understanding between all.
  • the rights enjoyed by each person in our society.  We respect each child in our school for who they are, and treat them with fairness and honesty. We aim to enable each person to be successful, and we provide equal opportunities for all the children in our school.
  • our environment, and we aim to teach respect for our world, and how we should care for it for future generations, as well as our own.