Create a postcard for the new Reception children

We would like to create a postcard that will be sent to the new Reception children starting in September once they have been allocated and confirmed their place at Fairfields Primary School.

We would like the front of the postcard to include the school logo and showcase everything that makes Fairfields such a fantastic school to attend and would love for this to be designed by one of our students.

Therefore, As a nice Easter break activity we would like to offer all our students the opportunity to design the front of the postcard using the template that has been sent via an MCAS announcement. If you do not have access to a printer and would like a template printed for you, then please pop into the school office as we will have some printed out.

The deadline for designs will be Monday 15th April. Please pop the designs into the school office or give to your child’s teacher.

Our student council will then choose the winning design.

We look forward to seeing your designs!