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Celebrating Diversity at Fairfields – This is Me Day!

May 23

We are excited to announce a special event that celebrates the uniqueness and individuality of each of our children: “This is Me” Day at Fairfields Primary School! This day is dedicated to honouring diversity, promoting inclusivity, and embracing the wonderful differences that make our school community so vibrant.

On the 23rd May 2024, we invite your child to attend school dressed in a way that represents who they are as a person. Whether it’s their favourite colour, a hobby they love, cultural attire, or something entirely unique to them, we encourage them to express themselves authentically. “This is Me” Day is an opportunity for our children to celebrate their identities and share with their classmates what makes them special.
Throughout the day, there will be a variety of activities designed to foster understanding, empathy, and appreciation for the diversity within our school community. From discussions about what makes each of us unique; to creative projects that celebrate our differences –  the day will be filled with opportunities for your child to engage with their peers and celebrate the beauty of individuality.We believe that by embracing and celebrating our differences, we create a stronger, more inclusive community where every child feels valued and accepted for who they are. “This is Me” Day provides a platform for us to come together as a school family, celebrate our identities, and learn from one another.

We encourage you to support your child in choosing an outfit that reflects their personality and to engage in conversations at home about the importance of acceptance and diversity. Together, we can continue to build a school culture that celebrates the uniqueness of each and every child.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to celebrating “This is Me” Day with you and your child.


May 23