ECO School!

Fairfields is officially an Eco-School!
This academic year we have earnt an international accreditation, recognising our amazing work in making our school more environmentally friendly and raising eco-awareness in fellow pupils.
Eco-Schools is an international education programme that prompts young people to explore sustainability and climate change and take action.
The Eco & Community Ambassadors have collaborated with Miss Smith to conduct an environmental review, assessing how eco-friendly our school is. We reviewed everything from the school’s recycling practices, to energy usage, to how environmental themes are covered in classrooms. Building on our findings, we then planned a year of activities that would up our green-credentials.
We connected our work to 3 Eco-Schools topics: Biodiversity, Recycling & Marine.
Activities included: planting 30 trees on our school grounds in partnership with the Woodland Trust, developing our allotment, to grow fruits and vegetables & raising awareness of recyclable materials, discussing what should go in each bin, as well as taking part in the Duracell Big Battery Hunt!
We are incredibly proud of everyone’s hard work in achieving this amazing feat and look forward to doing it all over again, with new missions in mind, in the next academic year!