First Blue Merit Badge Awarded

‘Olivia of Flora class achieved a massive milestone yesterday when she became the first person ever in the history of Fairfields School to receive her blue merit badge.

All children at Fairfields  have many opportunities to collect effort marks, Learning Power Pals tokens and merits for going above and beyond in all aspects of their school life. All children have a Success Passport that they take with them on their journey through school. This is where they collect and record their achievements . When a page of merit stickers have been achieved each child receives a coloured badge. Our aim is for our children to receive the following badges by the end of each year:

Reception – Blue badge

Year 1 – Green badge

Year 2 – Yellow badge

Year 3 – Red badge

Year 4 – Bronze badge

Year 5 – Silver badge

Year 6 – Gold badge

There is a special, additional ‘Platinum’ badge for those children who really do go above and beyond and have achieved all the coloured badges before they leave in Year 6.


Congratulations to Olivia, you really are a Fairfields superstar and a history maker!!!